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Latest Projects

Tajikistan National Lottery

We created a scalable distributed three-tier system for Ravocom Tour, LLC. Our software made it possible to automate the entire process of running the Bingo lottery – from generating, printing and keeping the record of tickets sold using barcodes, to drawing the lottery numbers live on national television, awarding prizes and generating all of the necessary reports. The detailed results of the drawing in each of the four rounds are published on a lottery site designed especially for that purpose. The project was executed remotely: there was not a single fact-to-face meeting with the client. This is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

Sliding Schedules

Employee lateness may become a headache for the management of any company. The standard solution to the problem is to use time-clocks to monitor the hours. However, it often happens that additional software is necessary in combination with these measures. For HIPP Georgia, we used proximity cards to implement the basic collection and processing of data from the access control system. The structured information collected is used to calculate the bonuses and fines for employees depending on their punctuality. The challenge we met was to make it work for a round-the-clock operation with flextime. This is on-premises software.

E-Government Waybills

Business leaders try to achieve instant response to any new in legislation. Indeed, stable operation depends on avoiding conflicts in interaction with state authorities. As soon as Georgia required that electronic waybills be completed in real time, we created the Charon software for WIMM-BILL-DANN Georgia. It implemented data exchange between the warehouse management solution (based on the 1C:Enterprise platform) that was already in use with the state web services. This is on-premises software.

Cable Television Accounting

As ordered by Norma, we developed a system for calculating cable television subscribers' debts and keeping their payments record. Regular financial statements are based almost completely on this data. This is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

SMS Notifications Gateway

For Leader Credit we integrated a credit obligations record system with the SMS platform provided by Geocell. This is on-premises software

Kyrgyzstan National Lottery

We created a two-tier system for Stark Imperial, LLC. Our software made it possible to automate the entire process of running the Bingo lottery. The project was partially carried out remotely. This is on-premises software.

Antivirus Billing Platform

We provided a software renting platform for IT Tower to serve the ESET, BitDefender, Kaspersky antivirus software. It is used by the largest Internet provider. This is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

Experience & Competencies

Windows Development

.Net, SQL Server

Linux Development

Python, Oracle.

Android Development

Java, XML.

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